A donation of $5 provides a book for a child in need.
Give them a chance to develop a love of reading, a love of learning, and an opportunity at a happily ever after.

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Think back to your childhood...
and now think about

If it didn't
involve books


but real...
two-thirds of
America's children
living in poverty have
no books at home.

With Dallas having a

38% Child
Poverty Rate,

we know there are thousands
of local children who don't
have the simple luxury of
owning even one book.

For a child, reading is critical to the foundation of all future learning. Children learn to read through 3rd grade, and by 4th grade, they read to learn.

Without gaining the necessary skills that reading provides during their early years, starting and staying behind in school can be the inevitable result.

What solution do all these problems have in common?

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